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Gatecrashers offer an amazing range on unique entertainment for a whole host of events, from weddings to children’s parties and from corporate events to wedding proposals.

The days of the dated strip o gram are long gone; no longer bunch of flowers suffice. Gatecrashers are showing the way to a new world of imaginative entertainment.

In cahoots with brides or grooms to be, Gatecrashers also provide unique wedding proposals, whether a flash mob of actors, singers, acrobats, fire dancers, stilt walkers or magicians to completely wow their intended. What’s more, to continue the entertainment, Gatecrashers also provide actors who can act as straight or comical celebrants or vicars performing humanist/non-religious wedding ceremonies.

Kids parties

Gatecrashers have been providing Entertainment for children for over 15 years and also work with the most prestigious event organizers in Mallorca, The Gatecrashers team have created the ideal entertainment package for any occasion; birthdays, communions, bat mitzvahs, and weddings ensuring that all the guests have fun.

Themed parties


Silly Sam the clown hosts a funny party getting up sorts, leading the children through all the fun games in a fun and jovial way.

Pirate party

The children are met by a pirate who is looking for some treasure, the children get involved in all the pirate themed games to find the prizes.

Face painting

All designs available from Princess, Pirate, Monsters, Zombie, Vampire, Animals, Spiderman and many more to choose.

DANCE FEVER PARTIES – the next fad for the older children

After clowns, Game parks, bowling and the beach what’s next? Dance Fever parties. They are unique and fun with a competitive edge. Both girls and boys love this party. As they are split into teams, each team dance for points throughout the party, leading up to a spectacular showdown where they can show their amazing dance skills to their parents.

Nail painting parties

For the slightly older girls, a visit from the nail lady ensures that the girls are truly pampered. Their nails are painted in all funky modern styles.

Movie making

(5/6 hours) The children work on ideas together creating scenes, selecting props. We record the film, edit and put up on YouTube either in a private or public status with permissions from the parents.

Most of the parties include a variation of fun filled interactive games, activities can include: 

Balloon modelling, face painting, parachute games, dancing games, treasure hunts, Magic show, fun challenging games,  

Surprise visits

Book a visit from Sponge Bob square pants, a gorilla holding someone in a cage or some stilt walkers to greet your guests at the entrance.

Comedy Acts - Adult Parties (!:))

Gatecrashers provide everything from unique surprise-o-grams, which can last for several minutes with a knock on your door, to a three hour dinner show.

For weddings, corporate or indeed any group event, they create that special wow factor with an infiltrating comedian who, over the course of a few hours, will mix and mingle with your unsuspecting guests, disguised as a waiter, odd guest, vicar, or any other character of your choice. Their comical antics will get more and more peculiar, leading to an explosive finale when their true identity is revealed – bringing the house down with laughter. We can work closely with each client to create any character of their choice, here are just a few of characters to choose from.

The Waitress

Marie is a lovely waitress but she is very dippy and often gets in a muddle. She is charming and hilariously funny.

Stilt walker Opera

This short but stunning show can either be a welcome act for your guests as the enter into the venue, or be a short Opera singing act in between courses. 

The odd couple

This funny couple are so peculiar that they have guests wondering how on earth they know the hosts. 

Maurice the Greek waiter (a lady/man)

Watch the video to see what Maurice gets up to. You can book just Maurice or Maurice and the Magician.

The Dodgy Security guards

These security guards will meet your guests at the entrance to the venue and find all sorts of things in their special x-ray machine!  pockets (bag of flour, bags of rosemary!) rubber chickens.. you name it.. they will find it. These extra vigilant security guards will ensure your safety at all times.

The annoying guest

Socially awkward, doesn't know what personal space is, says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Up to all sorts...

And any other crazy characters to suit your tastes.


First impressions can also be fun; you could hire stilt walkers, fire breathers, nutty security guards or a man in cage held by a gorilla to be the first port of call at the entrance of your event, welcoming your guests with a difference.


To book or for more information contact Samantha Hyer on 0034 627 262 210